18 Jan 2010

Chocolates... oh, so pretty!

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Hmmm, selection boxes, how I love thee! I know Christmas is over and I'm kinda glad it is because it seemed to drag on forever, but... I do love these "leftovers" if you can call them that at all.
Don't they look festive and pretty? I simply had to take a picture of them, especially because the snow outside made for an amazing reflecting background, perfect for my amateur needs. Although I wouldn't mind an actual one and proper phtography equipment!

The thing is we don't get selection boxes (or in this case a huge 1kg tins full of yumminess) where I live but I spent last X-mas somewhere where they do. I got to try several different ones, Cadbury Heroes, Quality Street, Celebrations... and Cadbury Roses which are definitely my favourite. Why is that? Well, let me tell you I'm a big caramel enthusiast and these just have the most different caramel ones, besides the fact that it's Cadbury chocolate - come on, need I say more?! Don't get me wrong though, I'm not talking about the American version of Cadbury, oh no, that wouldn't even be half as good, I'm talking the original kind. Seriously, I've tried them both and the chocolate you can get in the States doesn't even measure up to the name Cadbury, if you ask me. But maybe that's just my spoilt European palate talking, products being adapted to the respective market's taste and all that.

Anyway, let me tell you more about the different flavours of the selection, according to preference: Golden Barrel (full of gooey caramel), Caramel Velvet, Hazel in Caramel, Hazel Whirl (no clue, what the whirl is all about, though), Tangy Orange Cream, Dairy Milk, Caramel (what a parody, it's actually fudge!) and Country Fudge, Strawberry Dream and finally Brazilian Darkness, just becauce it's boring plain dark chocolate.
Are you getting chocolate cravings yet, haha?
If you too think that these sound yummy, then you will understand why I had to make a secret stash to hide some of them from my boyfriend's family. I know, it does sound kinda bad and as if I'm not a great person for sharing (which is somewhat true, I hate to admit it... but I'm gonna quote Joey from Friends for this one: "Joey doesn't share food!) but come on, there were so many people and the chocolates tended to vanish way too quickly. Seriously, once a whole 1kg tin was gone in under an hour and I just couldn't stuff my face fast enough, so I stuffed my pockets instead. At least that way I could make sure there were some chocolates when I wanted them instead of having to scoff them down just because they were open at that point in time and if I didn't eat them then I wouldn't get any at all. Honestly, what would you have done?
I'm known to be a stash-maker anyway, so what do I care. It must be in my genetics, wanting to secure chocolate supply or something... To my defence it has to be said that my sister actually profits more from my stash than I do because by now I've accumulated more than I could possibly ever eat and she's like a chcolate mass destruction machine, bless her.
Will you excuse me now, I have to go and eat my last piece of leftover brownie...

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