17 Jan 2010

A New Beginning...

Posted by PastryPrincess at 00:41
Hi and welcome to my brand-new and first ever blog! I actually created this page about a month ago but couldn't muster the guts to start it properly and write my first post until now. I still find this whole bloging thing quite intimidating and don't really have a clue what I'm doing yet, so please bear with me...
To be honest I'm not even sure what made me decide to start a blog, all I know is that I am quite obsessed with a few other people's food blogs and kinda wanted to give it a shot myself.
So let me introduce myself, I'm a full-on, passionate-as-can-be foodie ( I love that word! ) and I'm interested in literally anything that somewhat has to do with food. 
( Well, hello my new found love that is food channels on Sky tv, I've just discovered you and if I had constant access to you I probably wouldn't leave the house much anymore...) 
But that's obviously not all, I'm also a keen traveller and therefore I will be posting about a few little trips of mine as well as all things food and life-related.

Many of the blogs I enjoy reading have amazing photography and creative original recipes and although I'm confident that I will get there too, as of now I mainly recreate other people's recipes and simply make them my own by changing them up. When can you truly call a recipe original anyway, can somebody tell me that?! Anyway,  I don't have professional photo equipment either and often feel like bad lighting is making my delicious food look a wee bit dull in pictures but as I often bake in the middle of the night ( I'll tell you the reason for that later) there's no daylight around, so what can you do. I'm also known to use my sister as a human cake stand to pose in front of a spot of white wall because of lack of proper background sometimes but I just think that makes it all the more fun! =)It's not too bad though, I'm discovering new and better ways to take pictures literally on a daily basis and I'm trying to build a little photo studio in order to decently present my little babies.
Now, there you have some info on what I'm working with, in case you were wondering, and proof that I'm a still great aul' amateur, hence the "imperfections".
That's me in action... not recently though.

Gosh, I feel like all I'm writing is gibbledy-gock and probably nobody will ever even find their way to this remote corner of blogosphere, let alone care to read about my shenanigans!
But truth be told, I'm at a MAJOR turning point in my life and feel as if this could be a good way to commemorate this exciting year ahead of me ... not that I want to jinx anything prematurely! Today I posted the most important application of my life so far, concerning something very close to my heart  - and yes, it's food-related, hooray! I will tell you more about that when the time is ripe and things are definite and official, as they will hopefully be very soon. So keep your fringers crossed, knock on wood and all that. Somehow this makes me think of Rachael Ray throwing salt over her shoulder every time she uses some, but I'm not that bad, seriously.
In addition to my application I baked 2 lovely treats today and went out for dinner (ostrich steak, hmm) to boot; how much more food could you get in one day and what a perfect time to start my blog I thought.

So, on this note, let's clink cookies and toast a new beginning and I hope to see you around sometime!

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