17 Jan 2010

Peanut Butter Fudge Puddle Cookies

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The Brownies I wrote about were just cooling down outside, because the tray was too big to fit into the fridge, when I started making these very tasty cookies. I have to tell you that I'm a massive fan of cookies ( I pride myself on making mean choc-chip cookies with half a kilo of chocolate in them ) and I like them very chewy, but also crispy. The perfect cookie, I'm sure you know what I mean! Over the years I've perfected a Chocolate (chocolate chip) PB Cookie that is my sister's absolute favourite but I have to admit that these cookies are simply delectable and were very popular among my family and boyfriend. Even my mum liked them and she's usually not into PB at all - the secret is the fudge puddle, I'm telling you!

When I found the recipe on Vanilla Sugar's blog ( adapted from Sunday Baker's blog ) , I just knew I had to make them and boy, I'm gad I did: yumm! The ooey-gooey fudge centre makes these simple cookies special and they're whipped up in no time - I didn't even bother chilling them for the hole hour. For a while I considered boiling the sweetened condensed milk the way you would when you want to turn it into Dulce de Leche because I thought the fudge would be more caramel-y ... but then I remembered it would also thicken a good bit this way and so in the end I couldn't be bothered to boil it for longer than about half an hour, which didn't make a difference to it at all apart from heating it up. I still believe the fudge could be even better if it tasted more like caramel, the sweetened condensed milk as such doesn't really have much of a taste apart from sweet as it is anyway, but as I said I'm not quite sure what this would do to its texture. Maybe they would already taste more caramel-y if you stuck to the original recipe and used butterscotch chips but I can't get them where I live so I used milk and dark chocolate...
If you try them with caramel, let me know how it went!
Oh, these make for 20 cookies by the way and there was some fudge left over which I think could serve as a nice sauce for ice-cream if you heat it up and stir it well so no skin forms.

Brittle was my topping of choice this time, simply because I didn't have any peanuts left in the pantry.
If you think about it, salted peanuts would go very well with a more caramel-like fudge puddle, seeing as caramel with a pinch of salt was the big thing in 2009. "Big thing"... haha, isn't it funny that even in food there are things in fashion at a certain time and everybody's raving about them all of the sudden? What was your "big thing" in 2009, culinary or other and what do you think will be the latest craze this year?

Now French macaroons or "macarons" were one thing I was more than happy to see all over the place late last year, possibly because of the Daring Baker's challenge, but more about my obsession with macarons at another time. I meant to make some for the very first time before Christmas but then things got quite hectic and I didn't find the time ... They're high up on my to-do list though!

This is where you'll find the recipe and I recommend following the link to Sunday Baker's blog because I think her story is very touching, especially now that she's welcomed a new baby!

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