1 Feb 2010

It's Celebration Time!

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Ever since I got accepted to Le Cordon Bleu a few days ago I can't stop smiling and I'm not complaining in the slightest! Life is good right now. I couldn't be happier, I'm completely ecstatic and giddy, hihi! 
Oh, I'm also able to sleep again, albeit with the help of some great little pills but it's such a blissful relief. I guess that's the end to my weird dreams, too because before I stopped sleeping completely everything started off with bad sleep and weird dreams...

Did I tell you about that time I dreamt about Ina Garten? I know, so odd...!!! Especially because I hadn't watched her for a few weeks and hadn't thought about her so how did my subconscious conjure up a dream about her of all people?! Do you get what I mean? I saw it as a good sign though because she's a successful lady with a great career in food after all and I think she's fabulous.
The dream didn't really make sense either, do they ever, but it was indeed related to my application and showed my tension about it. All I remember now is that I met her at an aiport, no idea where, and for some reason I got talking to her and out of nowhere there was my mum telling her about my application. That's all I recall right now and obviously that she was really nice...erm...

Anyway, for obvious reasons I'm in a celebratory mood and basically bouncing of the walls with positive energy. Yesterday I decided that I wanted alcohol and that mightn't surprise you but I normally don't drink. Except for my granny's amazing rum pot, which is all season's fruits preserved in rum and sugar and boy, it's good. I could bathe in it and whatever kryptonite is to superman, well that's what this is to me. I turn weak for it. So I had a glass filled half with rum pot and half with bubbly and it made me an even happier camper...

The fruit is the best... obviously, as it's soaked in rum and sugar for many months! =) It's also good in other cocktails, on ice-cream... ah, to be honest it's great on anything!
On Saturday night we went for dinner at this lovely restaurant, Gauss. It's been around forever but for some silly reason I've never went and I do regret that now in hindsight. It was great, really, and I'm a critical guest to please. You could call me a food snob but then again I'm well able to appreciate well-made junk food, so maybe I'm not to snobby after all. It's just that I expect good, well-made food, whatever it might be. I love good food, I want good food! Yeah, well-made is probably the keyword here. The whole experience has to be harmonious and it definitely was at this place. Actually their head chef, Jacqueline Amirfallah, was just awarded 14 out of 16 possible points by the Gault Millau, not bad at all and I'll definitely go back soon!
The amuse-bouche of carrot salad, some cream (looking at the pic I guess there were chives in it...) and guinea fowl terrine.

The starter: beef tartar, avocado sushi, sesame algae salad, crispy prawn and wasabi ice-cream. This was amazing as I love japanese wasabi and the little green caviar-like beads tasted of it as well as the quite hot little blob of the actual stuff; sushi ginger and soy sauce, yummm

The main: passionfruit-marinated lobster, iced garlic mayonnaise with some sort of garlic crispy caramel, mango-sweet potato tartar, passionfruit sauce, some sort of pesto and daintily spiced, grilled pineapple.
I couldn't decide so I shared 2 desserts with my boyfriend. No 1: braised quince, chocolate mousse, hazelnut cream, caramel and fleur de sel ice-cream.

Dessert no.2: Tartlet of chestnut, white chocolate and cumin, Madagascar-vanilla ice-cream and caramelized chestnuts.

I think I prefered the second dessert because I thought the combination of the chestnut tartlet with cumin was new and very creative. We got a lovely home-made chocolate with the bill which was also tasty. Throughout the entire meal I stuck to a refreshing white wine, you know, going with the celebratory-I'm-drinking-today theme...
I can honestly recommend this place; they also have a great selection of cheeses, the place is cosy and atmospheric and the staff were lovely and attentive! Thumbs up all around!

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