7 Feb 2010

Orange Guys and Mince Pies

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People, we have a "Situation" on our hands...!!! I was feeling restless and bored today. Although I meant to bake I just wasn't in the mood for it and that doesn't happen often. So I went along with it and resorted to ready-made pastries. However that's not what I'm talking about...

Basically all I did today, instead of preparing for my trip, was to sit on my couch and watch MTV on my laptop for countless hours on end. As I said I was feeling restless and didn't know what to do with myself and thus I ended up in a place I never thought I'd go to... The Jersey Shore. Oh me, oh my, where do I even begin?! 
The show follows 8 cads with Italian descent, "Guidos / Guidettes" as they like to call themselves, spend their summer at the Jersey shore and the stuff that goes down is so crazy that you would never believe it, were it not reality tv. No writer could ever come up with the events taking place on this ridiculously genius gem of car-crash tv. You know, the kind you know is terrible and you really shouldn't watch but you simply can't stop yourself.
I got hooked. Big time. I didn't even feel the shame because I was just too entertained to care! All that Oompa-Loompa fake tan, the hideous haircuts, the big, beefy muscles, the scantily-clad girls and the fights and hook-ups fascinated me beyond belief. I mean come on, who calls themselves "the Situation", JWoww or Snookie aka Snickers for that matter?!
At first my sister refused to join into being glued to the tv screen because like any other normal person, and also me pre-Jersey Shore, she probably wondered how an intelligent, educated person could ever voluntarily watch anything like that. Ha! She was a sucker for it after all of 5 minutes herself. Gotcha! She didn't even want to take a break from watching when my phone rang and simply couldn't wait for another fix so that she continued watching without me. That's how addictive this show is... We almost watched the entire season plus reunion in one go, except for the couple of episodes that weren't available, which was probably a good thing.

If you're ever down or bored I strongly recommend you watch this show. It will cheer you up and make you laugh out loud within a few minutes. That's some serious tv fun right there!
 Since I didn't bake anything today I defrosted some mince pies instead. Last Christmas in Ireland was the first time I ever tried them even though I had obviously heard about them before. They're a traditional x-mas treat in Ireland and England and taste especially nice when heated up. The crumbly little pie is filled with fruity mince meat, a mixture of dried fruits, distilled spirits and spices. Theres also a frosted variation which has a top made of creamy icing wherefore it can't be heated up but which I probably prefer. I bought 2 packages of mince pies and froze them because we can't get them at home and they still make for a nice winter time treat even after Christmas.

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