9 Feb 2010

A Quick Hello From Korea!

Posted by PastryPrincess at 09:50
I just noticed that I've had just over 100 visitors on my blog, although 90% of those are pobably my sister and my boyfriend... ;)  I thought I should commemorate this teeny weeny milestone of my very young blogger existence and that's why I'm sending all of you, whoever you are, a big thanks from Seoul / Korea!

That's right, I'm in Korea (or rather the airport) for all of 7 hours and actually got to do a 3 hour sightseeing tour! It's not that it was very impressive... it's winter and raining here after all and my not so waterproof flats and socks got soaked. But hey, if I get a chance to walk over a Korean street market I will bloody well take it! I have to say that so far I'm very pleased with my airline, they offer these tours for free and they've been taking very good care of me. I will tell you all about my trip and post some pics when I get to Sydney though.
See you down-under in Oz!

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